Disadvantages of life in Dénia

Something that will bother you about living in Dénia is that being a place of only 42,000 inhabitants everyone knows each other, so you will not be able to do anything without a neighbor or a friend of your friend finding out. Lack of privacy is the main problem in all cities and small towns.

Job opportunities in Dénia are usually higher than in other municipalities in Alicante, but most of the jobs offered here are related to the tourism sector, therefore temporary. In low season it will cost you much more to find a job.

One of the complaints that the inhabitants of Dénia have is that there is no transport line that connects them with two of the most important cities.

And the last reason why you should not move to Dénia is because of the few things that can be done here when it is not summer. This city does not have as many attractions as large cities may have. It is a place designed rather to lead a quiet and stress-free life, feel free to search for property for sale in denia spain.


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