Motaro’s method

Unlike many “specialized” agencies in this matter, few are those that have a real commitment to the client, since most only use “Certifications” in a conspicuous way, which does not qualify them as expert consultants on the subject of growth. of companies, that is why we avoid including consultants who remain in the client’s long-term project within our clients’ agencies, nor is it intended to integrate a large number of consultants just to obtain more income from our clients.

The business model of Díaz Maroto Agile Coaching is different from the rest, it encourages training to develop plans effectively promoting the client’s agency in a proportional way, it carries out effective integrations of advisors to be able to develop the client’s growth, focusing on their capabilities. to be able to choose an exclusive set of clients to increase their direct development, taking into account that they carry out their interventions directly.


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